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Where will you find a home complete with an acre or two or more secluded in a quiet atmosphere that afford privacy? The Bridle Path provides all of this to make your dream a reality. The area has every type of home you could want from Colonial to Tudor Revival to futuristic and modern. People think there is no such thing as fairytales, but Bridle Path homes and estates come very close.  Rapper Drake is building a custom home here. Celebrities, financiers, successful business entrepreneurs have built family homes here.

Various other celebrities have chosen Bridle Path homes because they can relax in privacy in an upscale area. They also have a large property that affords them ample room for their work, hobbies, and even parties for charities or just friends. The land around these distinguished homes is often accentuated with tennis courts, gazebos, gorgeous waterfall displays, and in-ground pools. Another reason celebrities love the area is its limited access; the Bridle Path has few roads.

Find extravagant condos and houses for sale in the Bridle Path. Settle down in this prestigious neighbourhood with château-inspired or contemporary homes and estates. It offers quiet seclusion, lush green spaces, and easy access to the thriving downtown core.

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With lush parkland and the Don River Valley to complement the extravagant homes of the Bridle Path, many celebrities have established residences in this area. It caters to a modern population with a high standard of living, providing a tranquil and exclusive atmosphere. As you cruise through the area, you will admire the grand homes with cast iron gates, real stonework, and complex security systems.

With few connecting roads, the tranquility and exclusivity of the area is rarely disturbed. The area has an eclectic arrangement of homes, from Colonial to Tudor Revival to futuristic and modern. These homes also have luxurious features, such as pools, tennis courts, gazebos, and even waterfalls.

Commuting to the Downtown core is about 20 minutes by public transportation, so residents can benefit from the amenities of the Bridle Path and other areas of Ontario in a reasonable low amount of time. It also provides a close proximity to public gardens for community enjoyment and relaxation.

Residents have several choices for their children’s schooling, including the private Crescent School for boys and the Park Lane Public School for children with special needs.

Public Transit
The major bus that passes through the area is the 162, running on Lawrence Avenue East, The Bridle Path, Bayview Avenue, and Park Lane Cir where it accommodates students and faculty who frequent Park Lane Public School. Residents can also take the TTC northbound and southbound bus on Bayview Avenue.

Activities & Amenities
With the Bridle Path being adjacent to the Edwards Gardens, residents may visit the Toronto Botanical Gardens, which form part of Edwards Gardens, for quality family time walking or bicycling along the trails down to the Lakeshore.


Known as the Millionaires’ Row, this area of luxury homes and mansion estates was occupied by Alexander Milne, who operated the woolen and saw mills of Wilket Creek from 1827 to 1832. He resided in what is now Edwards Gardens, but left when resources were dwindling. The area remained untouched until development of the Bridle Path began with the building of the Bayview Bridge in 1929. Hubert Daniel Bull Page is one of the founders of the neighbourhood, having built the first house to instigate attention. This area earned its name from the equestrian bridle paths that used to adorn it when Page was building up the area, but they have been paved over.

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