A home is the largest investment you’ll ever make. Susan Macarz will help you find the property of your dreams by working alongside you to determine your requirements. Susan is committed to understanding your goals and clarifying them throughout the home buying process so that you find a home that completes your checklist. Together, you will determine the correct property type and neighbourhood for your lifestyle.

Finding real estate can be difficult if you’re new to an area, haven’t moved in a while or just starting out to buy your first home. Susan has in-depth experience with the Toronto real estate market, so she knows the best areas that fit your search requirements. Susan Macarz will also ensure that your investment is worthwhile in order for you to make a significant return on investment when you decide to sell your home in the future.

Susan Macarz understands that you need her availability and commitment when looking for a new home. Susan guides you through the buying process and provides support every step of the way. Buying a home can be an emotional time. That’s why Susan Macarz employs a compassionate approach throughout the process.


Susan Macarz Buying home

Preparing to Purchase a Home

Before purchasing a home, you need to take the time to prepare for the property search process. Susan Macarz helps you become an informed buyer by guiding you during your search. Before looking for a home, you will need to determine your price range. Susan will refer you to a mortgage broker that is able to determine your budget for a down payment, monthly payments, and the type of mortgage that suits your needs. Pre-qualifying for a mortgage is one of the first steps you need to take. This allows Susan Macarz to show you homes that you are pre-qualified for, as well as help in the negotiation process once you decide that you found the perfect home for you and your family.

Susan Macarz Buying home

Toronto Real Estate Market Expertise

Susan Macarz expertly negotiates on your behalf so you get the absolute best deal. Being extensively educated on the local market, Susan makes sure your purchase is beneficial to your future and provides you with an objective assessment of a home’s worth to enable you to make the best decision when you bid on a property. By trusting a local real estate expert, you make sure your investment is worthwhile.

A real estate agent provides you with professional insights and the latest listings as soon as homes come out on the market. Susan Macarz uses the Internet and her professional network to find a listing that exceeds your expectations and works tirelessly until you find the right property match.