Thinking of moving to Toronto? Susan Macarz is a Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc., Brokerage and has a vast knowledge of the city to find the perfect home for you and your family. However, there is a lot to think about before moving, such as your children’s education. Toronto offers many choices to ensure they receive a well-rounded curriculum and meaningful experience.

Public Schooling

Private and independent education institutions find they are the better choice because they provide an invaluable feature, such as supporting religious faiths or unique schooling ideologies that prepare students much more. Public schools offer a larger exposure to people of different religious backgrounds and cultures. They provide many of the same programs as private and independent schools, including specials needs and the arts. Enrollment is easier because there isn’t a selection process to endure.

Here are some schools to consider:

  • Andrew’s Junior High School is located in the York Mills and Bayview neighbourhoods. It caters to the grades six to nine.
  • The Forest Hill Jr. and Sr. Public School is located in the Forest Hill neighbourhood and caters to children at the junior kindergarten level all the way to the eighth grade.
  • The Denlow Public School is located in the Denlow neighbourhood and is part of the Danbury and the York Mills caters to junior kindergarten up to grade six.

Private Schooling

Private education is usually conducted in a for-profit school and is controlled by a single or several individuals.

Depending on the private school your child attends, they will be part of a small class enabling their teachers to provide students with more attention and guidance. It encourages a more interactive environment compared to public schools. With a smaller community, the school can offer more extra-curricular activities. Students in private schools have more leadership opportunities where they can become school ambassadors, club presidents, and even student council members.

Here are some schools to consider:

  • Branksome Hall is located in Rosedale. It is a girls’ school, catering to the junior kindergarten level to the grade 12 level. It provides day classes and boarding.
  • The Bishop Strachan School is located in the southern part of Forest Hill. They also cater to girls in the junior kindergarten level to the grade 12 level, offering boarding accommodations and day courses.
  • Crescent School is located in Bridle Path. It is a boys’ school that caters to grade three up to grade 12 and provides day classes.
  • The Dalton School is located in Yorkville. It has a co-educational learning environment, catering to the junior kindergarten level up to the eighth grade. It promotes bilingualism for English and Mandarin and provides day classes.

Independent Schooling

Independent education is usually conducted in a not-for-profit school handled by a board of trustees, as well as an administration.

Independent schooling in Toronto comes in a variety of forms. Some schools follow different philosophies, including Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and Montessori. They have a co-educational or single-sex learning environment and may provide boarding and/or day school.

Here are a few schools to consider:

  • Robbins Hebrew Academy is located in Cedarvale. It is a private elementary school and middle school that provides day classes. They follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy.
  • The Waldorf Academy is located north of the Annex. It offers a co-educational learning environment from the preschool level to grade eight while offering day courses.
  • The Cornerstone Montessori Prep School is located in the Downtown area and has a campus in Don Mills. The school caters to students at the preschool level to the grade 12 level.

The benefits of an independent education are numerous, depending on the school you choose, as they offer co-curricular opportunities involving the arts, athletics, community service programs, as well as international travel opportunities.

Move to Toronto with Susan’s Help

Toronto has every educational institution you could possibly want to give your children a bright and informed future. Let Susan help you find the neighbourhood and home best suited to your tastes, whether it’s a Colonial complete with a tennis court and pool or a two-bedroom apartment in the Downtown core. Read our next blog for more about high schools in Toronto, or contact Susan Macarz today to start your search!