Until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the new normal for buying and selling houses in 2020 is at a distance. Virtual buying and selling limits the interactions of individuals. Regular business, such as home inspections are still being conducted, so not to worry. Real estate brokers have had to implement safety standards and creative ways of communicating. Whether you’re a homebuyer or a seller, Susan can still help you find your dream home. 

How Susan’s Process Works

Susan does her best to accommodate clients. Now that everyone should self-isolate, consultations are done using the video conferencing app, Zoom. Zoom, What’s App, or other means of communication can be utilized. You can still phone and email Susan as well.

With buyers wary of entering a stranger’s home and sellers worried about strangers walking through their home, dispersing droplets and touching areas, home viewings are predominantly virtual now, as well as choosing your home. Other aspects of purchasing a home are also done virtually and through other methods of communication, including working with lawyers, banks, and mortgage companies. 

Virtual home tours require professionals to visit the seller’s house when they are absent, so the home experts can:

  • Conduct inspections
  • Stage a virtual viewing
  • Photograph the house
  • Take floor plan measurements

However, should a client remain undecided between two homes, they and the seller can decide that they want to meet and view the home in person. In this case, Susan has an acknowledgement form with information about the coronavirus. Both parties must sign it to say that they acknowledge the health risks involved with an in-person meeting. The seller is usually not at home during this viewing.

In-Person Home Viewings

Susan has made her clients’ safety her top priority. However, she asks that you also take proper precautions. 

Prior to an in-person home viewing, both buyers and sellers must ensure that:

  • None of their household members have travelled outside of Canada or interacted with anyone who has travelled outside of Canada, especially to China, Europe, or Iran.
  • None of their household has interacted with individuals who were tested and confirmed to have COVID-19 or individuals who were tested and awaiting results in the last 14 days.
  • None of their household has exhibited the following symptoms within the last 14 days:
    • Fever
    • Coughing
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Shortness of breath

When potential buyers arrive for an in-person home viewing, they must ensure that:

  • They will not bring individuals who do not need to be present, such as children.
  • They will not use the washroom facilities.

Homebuyers are free to use their own protective equipment for the house viewing, which consists of wearing a mask, gloves, and shoe covers. If homebuyers are missing any or all of the personal protective equipment, Susan can provide them with non surgical masks, gloves, and shoe covers. In addition, hand sanitizer will be provided for use before and after all showings.

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During the home viewing, homebuyers are not permitted to touch anything, even though they will be wearing gloves. This means that homebuyers cannot open any doors, including closets, or touch any surface. It is a strict hands-off experience. The sellers will make sure that all cupboard doors, closets, doors are left open, so nothing should be touched by the buyers during the home viewing experience.

At the end of the home viewing, the personal protective equipment is to be disposed of outside of the house. When the homebuyer and seller are in agreement with the terms and conditions of the transaction, signing the papers will be done electronically through DocuSign or Authentisign to reduce in-person contact. Lawyers and mortgage brokers are also handling real estate transactions electronically. In cases where a buyer or seller does not have the technology to handle the paperwork electronically, a special in-person appointment will take place where all the safety measures for COVID-19 protection will be taken.

Contact Susan Today

Buying or selling a home is one of the most complex transactions one will ever undertake. When unexpected market conditions arise, Susan guides you through the transaction while keeping safety as a first priority. Feel free to browse Toronto’s finest neighbourhoods. Already have a place in mind? Call Susan directly at 416-219-7583, email her at susan@susanmacarz.com, or fill out the online form!