House listings sometimes have real estate lingo that many homebuyers aren’t familiar with, including the type of architectural design. Knowing the type of house style is essential when looking at houses for sale in Toronto, North York because knowing the differences (along with your preferences) can save you valuable time in your search for real estate properties.

For instance, if you know you don’t like traditional elements such as curved archways or exposed beams, you can eliminate Tudor right off the bat. If you prefer a home that has a fluid interior with a large amount of natural light, you should consider what are commonly referred to as “Contemporary homes.”

Whatever your tastes and preferences are, Susan Macarz will help you find your next home among the North York real estate listings.

Tudor Style

Without a doubt, homeowners have seen this architectural design at least once in their lives, and will see it again as they explore real estate properties throughout North York. Tudor houses usually consist of a stucco exterior with brown trim accents and a gabled roof that has a steep slope. It’s also known for its asymmetry and solid masonry, which is why so many of this type of house is still standing. Many of the Tudor-styled homes in North America are called “Tudor Revival” since they have some Tudor characteristics with other modern features, such as brick or stonework combined with a stucco exterior.

Fireplaces and chimneys were integrated into more and more homes in the 16th century, so the Tudor style was the first to have separate rooms that each had its own chimney instead of one large room that featured a fire pit. Other Tudor characteristics include:

  • Arched doorways
  • Wooden staircases
  • Rectangular or diamond-shaped multi-paned windows
  • Exposed beams

The Tudor Style was brought over from Europe at the end of the 1800s and reached its popularity peak in the 1940s. With the approach of World War II, people turned toward real estate properties constructed in the Colonial Revival style.

light blue Colonial revival two-storey house next to trees

Colonial Revival

Where the Tudor style has the cottage spirit with curves, the Colonial Revival is the opposite. It is symmetrical with straight lines and usually described as “stately.” Colonial Revival is known for its simplistic Greek and Roman architecture. While brickwork is the usual choice of construction, many are made with clapboard and shingle.

Front entrances are simpler than Tudor, but have some decorative elements, such as columns that create a portico or a paneled door with a light on each side. Other Colonial Revival features include:

  • Multi-paned double-hung windows accented with proportionate shutters
  • Palladian or bay windows
  • A pediment for the front door accented with a single lamp
  • A gambrel roof, which is the type found on a barn
  • Dentil trim under eaves

Colonial Revival is a simplistic style, but still has decorative embellishments. If homebuyers are looking for yet a simpler style of real estate architecture, they will love Contemporary.


The era of the Contemporary style was between 1960 and 1990, however, one could argue that this style is still being used today. It’s the style many celebrities are often drawn towards because this style of architecture features open-concept, easy integration of smart home technology, and mixed materials, including glass, wood, and concrete.

Since Contemporary homes often feature floor-to-ceiling glass windows on one or more sides of the house, they are built in secluded areas, such as overlooking a lake or nestled in a large green space. Part of North York offers this escape-to-the-country vibe while still being close to essential services.

interior home with exposed brick, wood and modern furniture

North York Condos to Rent

Don’t forget that there are other real estate options available.  If you want a condo for rent, North York has a variety of styles just waiting to be found. Leslie Street is just one of several locations couples and individuals will love for its renovated condos and close proximity to every service imaginable, including schools and public transportation.

The economic lockdown and COVID-19 crisis have thrown the real estate market into a tailspin, so for now, the average cost in the second quarter of the year is $661,458 for condo rentals. North York options are continually popping up, so be sure to ask Susan about them.

Everyone looks for a new place to live at different points in their lives. Susan can help you determine whether it’s in your best interest to find a condo or a house for sale.

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