Unique Homes is a worldwide real estate website focusing on luxury real estate. They feature listings from all over the world for distinguished buyers with discretionary income who are either looking to buy a luxury property with upscale amenities. In a recent article called “A Diverse Draw: Canada’s Cool Climate is Yielding to Hot Markets, Attracting Buyers from Around the World,” the writer explains that Canada has become a hot market for global buyers, especially these main places:

Why are these areas so enticing to foreign buyers? Let’s take a look!

A Solid Investment

For places like Nova Scotia, where house prices are low, rent prices are comparatively high, and there’s plenty of infrastructure, development, natural beauty, and education to rival bigger Canadian cities, sales are the best they’ve ever been in years.

A Little Something for Everyone

 Cities like Halifax and Montreal let homeowners experience a little bit of everything. In Montreal, many foreign buyers are attracted to areas like the Golden Mile, which offers a similar vibe to New York’s 5th Avenue, with museums, designer boutiques, five-star restaurants, The Ritz Carleton hotel, and luxury housing. For those looking for a taste of the seaside lifestyle, Halifax is an ideal location, as it offers both oceanic views and close proximity to downtown.

A Specific Market?

When it comes to Toronto housing, however, home buyers fit into a very specific demographic, says Susan: “Most are successful in business, whether immigrating or moving up…Buyers come from all over the globe…There are also many Torontonians that are moving up and desire a country home, or a larger home for their family.” As well as foreign buyers and local Torontonians, Canadians from all over the country are looking to make the nation’s largest city their home. As the nation’s hub of banking, commerce, culture, and sports, Toronto is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer more than just locals.

As a global member of ELITE Realtors, Susan Macarz represents Toronto, Central Toronto, and the GTA, and is quoted in Unique Homes for her expert insight into the market. Unique Homes is sold all over the world and is available both online and in their prestigious print magazine. To read the full article, view page 46 of the Unique Homes Fall 2018 issue.

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