Real estate trends come and go, and although some fads don’t last longer than a single season, other trends quickly become the new “norm.” Others get shoved into a closet of shame never to be reopened again. In 2019, luxury real estate trends are proving to be bold and innovative. Here’s what 2019 has brought to the luxury real estate market:

More Smart Technology

The “Smart” home is here to stay. The only thing that changes from year to year is the level of sophistication. Homeowners with plenty of disposable income are able to capitalize on the latest and greatest gadgets available. If you’re on the market for luxury real estate in Toronto, you can expect to find this kind of smart technology:

  • Ambient Intelligent Systems: Imagine never having to turn on a single light, manually adjust the thermostat, or worry about leaving appliances switched on when you leave. Ambient Intelligence, or AmI has been featured in science-fiction films since the 1950s—now it’s very real. AmI essentially “learns” the homeowner’s habits, preferences, and even mood to adjust the heating, A/C, and lighting. High-end systems are prevalent in the luxury market; however, ambient systems are also available to the mass market.
  • Intelligent Security Systems: You might have noticed something missing when you walk up to a high-end property in Toronto: locks. Homeowners are investing in smart locking systems, which they can control through their phones from anywhere. You never have to worry about losing your keys or wonder if you forgot to lock up before you left for vacation.
  • App Integration: Apps are making it so much easier to stay connected and use your phone as a remote control. Check out Ninja Blocks, WeMo, Nest, and SmartThings.

Spa-Like Pools

Homeowners are pulling out all the stops to turn their backyards into their own mini resorts. If you’re looking for a home with plenty of backyard space, Bridle Path won’t disappoint. You’ll likely find dressed up yards that are designed to maximize your relaxation and make you feel like you’ve stepped into a Caribbean paradise. If you’re looking to stay on trend this year, consider adding these amenities to your Toronto backyard:

  • Infinity pool. Nothing says luxury like a beautifully lit infinity pool that offers a restful place for adults to relax and for kids to splash around. Infinity pools blend into the landscape rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Homeowners and designers add to the resort look by adding oversized potted hibiscus, tropical palms, and living walls.
  • Synthetic Grass. Always perfect, always clean, and zero maintenance required—it’s no wonder homeowners are ditching the real sod for its synthetic counterpart. Perfect greenery around the infinity pool is poised to make homeowners and their guests feel like they’re hanging out poolside at a five-star hotel.
  • Outdoor kitchen. Oversized barbecues are a staple of many backyards, but homeowners are taking it up a notch with full-scale outdoor kitchens. Imagine having all the high-end cooking appliances you need to make a four-course meal right on your deck. Homeowners are taking advantage of the extra space in their backyards to build fully integrated pizza ovens, gas stoves, barbacks, and recessed lighting.
  • Luxury outdoor furniture. Homeowners in the high-end market expect their furniture to match the quality of their outdoor space. In 2019, outdoor furniture is looking more and more like indoor furniture. Wicker sectional couches and handcrafted benches are covered with plush, decorative cushions, while daybeds festooned with sheer fabrics protect homeowners and their guests as they lounge in the sun next to the pool.

Accent Walls 2.0

According to Haute Residence, “Accent walls are to the 21st century that shag rugs were to the ’70s.” Accent walls have admittedly been around for many years now, but in 2019, we saw the accent wall evolve into something more akin to artwork. When browsing high-end homes or condos in Downtown Toronto, don’t be surprised to find velvety or textured wallpaper in highly saturated colours, hand-painted murals, dizzying patterns, and out-of-the-box wainscoting.

Rich Greens + Biophilia

Green will be present in all its forms in 2019. The continuing obsessions homeowners have with living walls, succulents, and air plants is now amplified by the presence of rich green décor, from velvet settees to bathroom tiles. Although emerald was Pantone’s colour of the year in 2013, homeowners are continuing to use this relaxing shade in new and trendy ways. You’ll likely find green tropical plants in bathrooms, green accent walls, and geometric rugs with green tones. Deep green emanates richness and wealth, so it’s a fitting colour for luxury properties.

Bathrooms with a View

Living in Downtown Toronto doesn’t especially offer the type of privacy you need for a bathroom with a view, but if you’re looking at homes in a secluded neighbourhood, like Hoggs Hollow, you may notice a different kind of layout. This 2019 trend takes advantage of the relative privacy of backyards by fitting bathrooms with top-to-bottom windows. Imagine relaxing in a nice bubble bath while enjoying the view of the unobstructed sunset or the encroaching greenery from your backyard. Luxury bathrooms allow homeowners to be more in tune with nature without worrying about privacy issues.

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