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Trinity Bellwoods

Unlike other neighbourhoods in Toronto, your typical neighbour really does vary in Trinity Bellwoods. The area is home to a diverse group of people ranging from retirees to young families. The Trinity Bellwoods Park is this neighbourhood’s pride and joy. With tennis courts, large expanses of grass, a skating rink, and more, this park is popular with tourists and locals alike. It serves as an amazing urban green space enjoyed by those seeking to escape the concrete jungle.

With a surge in young families deciding to live in Trinity Bellwoods, the historically Portuguese neighbourhood has seen a rise in unique, independently owned businesses. Trendy cafes and bars are found around every corner. Trinity Bellwoods is also popular among musicians with a lively arts and cultural scene. Homeowners take pride in their neighbourhood, with immaculate gardens and well-kept heritage homes everywhere you look. This family-oriented area is perfect for people seeking an urban neighbourhood with small-town charm neighbourhood that is in close proximity to downtown.

Families have the option of sending their children to various public schools, such as the Givins/Shaw Junior School, the Charles G. Fraser Junior School, or the Ossington/Old Orchard School. If none of these options are appealing, parents can also choose the Pope Francis Catholic School.

Public Transit
Residents can take public transportation on the Dundas corridor that divides Trinity Bellwoods. They will be able to reach two of the four busy streets that border the area: Dovercourt Road and Bathurst Street.

Activities & Amenities
Dundas Street West provides an ample number of eateries to satisfy many tastes. It’s also an ideal shopping street with beauty and nail salons, jewellery stores, cafés, bars, and much more. The area boasts many institutions for child development, spiritual guidance, and governmental services. But the area’s pride and joy is the Trinity-Bellwoods Park complete with a children’s playground, a wading pool, sports fields, and tennis courts. Located within the park is the Trinity Community and Recreation Centre, where residents can perform activities, particularly on rainy days. Creative types will find an artistic haven at the Artscape Youngplace and can join the Toronto Blues Society to enjoy concerts and workshops. Queen Street is a hub of shopping activity, providing many stops for public transportation that can also bring you to the adjoining neighbourhood of Chinatown for more gastronomical and shopping treats.


The Trinity Bellwoods Park was originally home to Trinity College, now part of the University of Toronto. Immigration peaked for the neighbourhood during the twentieth century, which led to the development of strong Polish and Ukrainian communities. In the 1960s, the neighbourhood was characterized by Portuguese immigration and, in present time, is home to many Chinese immigrants. With such a multicultural past, this neighbourhood has a vibrant international atmosphere with plenty of trendy restaurants and cafés that pay homage to its roots.

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