Toronto is full of events that cater to every interest and whim. Whether you like getting lost in a crowd or prefer a quieter atmosphere, the city is most enjoyable in the summer, when everyone can bask in the sunlight and indulge their senses during lively festivals, outdoor activities, and the like.

As the end of the summer as the end of approaches and leaves change to beautiful colours, everyone scrambles to make the most of the time they have. While you’re in this expansive metropolis, participate in some of these city events!

The Yogen Früz Pinkberry Brain Project

As a way to prompt discussions about mental illness, the Yogen Früz Pinkberry Brain Project started three years ago and has many brain sculptures scattered across the city this year. An amalgamation of artists brought life to blank brain sculptures, turning them into colourful and thought-provoking pieces that are generating attention and, more importantly, public discussion.

The Yogen Früz Pinkberry Brain Project gives residents and visitors the chance to explore the city and either rekindle their love for Toronto or plant the seed that will soon blossom. The sculptures can be found in many areas, such as the Distillery District, Union Station, and Nathan Phillips Square. All of this is in support of brain health research and care at Baycrest.

The project lasts until August 31, so don’t miss your chance to see this unique exhibition! If you can’t make it, there’s every likelihood that the project will return next summer.

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)

Within minutes of Liberty Village is the CNE, the largest community event in all of Canada. If you’re looking for more to do, this is the event to go to—especially if you want a variety of activities for all ages. The event lasts until September 3, where you can watch an exhilarating air show during Labour Day weekend.

The CNE has a carnival-like atmosphere. You can go on rides and play games as well as visit exhibits that have contests, such as the Open House at Toronto’s Fire Station 346. The CNE has an abundance of shopping opportunities, from bargains at warehouse outlets to displays at several pavilions. Enjoy the end of summer by taking part in the Ribfest, going on a food tasting amid a jungle of food trucks, or perusing the culinary wonders in the Asian market.

Toronto Is a Bike City

Located in Old Toronto, the St. Lawrence Market is displaying a bit of the city’s history in regards to bicycling. With bike models, archival photographs, and early advertisements on display, you can delve into Toronto’s history from the past century and marvel at the ingenuity and inventions. The Bike City exhibition ends on November 17th.

The Stories of Toronto

In the heart of the Downtown core, the Textile Museum of Canada is hosting an exhibition called, “Canada in the Making” that analyzes identities that have shifted over the last two centuries. The stories of First Nations, Canadian settlers, and newcomers are told through textiles and show the old stories that never die and the new stories that generations are inspired to tell. This exhibition is open until March of next year, giving people ample opportunity to delve into the art of storytelling.

Why Toronto is the Place to Be

These types of events are why I love Toronto. There is something for everyone and wonderful new treasures to discover. It’s a great place to meet people, hear their stories, and make connections over food, music, sports, or the arts.

If you’re looking to move to Toronto or even within the city itself, it would be a pleasure to help you find the perfect property to begin your new life in. Contact me today!